Structural Investigations & Repairs


Floros Panteli Associates L.L.C. specialises in the fields of structural and durability surveys of structures, structural investigations, repair and strengthening of structures.

Structural investigations of buildings and other structures may be conducted for reasons of pathology: to determine if anything is wrong with an existing structure, or they may be of a more forensic nature. Whatever the reason, we use all available technologies including non-destructive techniques.

Before remedial action is recommended, the following tasks are implemented:

(a) Establishment of the cause of defects

For this purpose, combinations of the following techniques are used:

  • Visual examination of the structure.
  • Sampling and testing of concrete cores
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Sampling and chemical analysis of concrete dust samples
  • Evaluation of test results and diagnosis of underlying causes of distress

(b) Study of the as built structural drawings and the original structural design of the structure

The results of the Site Inspection and Desk Studies are integrated into a concise report detailing:

  • The findings of the structural investigation,
  • Prognosis for future performance of the structure,
  • Recommendations for remedial actions.

Where needed, the service is supplemented with:

  • Comparative studies of appropriate repair methods and suggestion of the optimum solution for the repair and long term protection of the structure (the Firm's experience covers a wide range of repair methods),
  • Structural drawings and technical specifications for the repair programme,
  • Supervision of repair works.
  • Experience in a wide range of repair methods
  • Corrosion control of reinforced concrete structures
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